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Elevated local fare in the heart of Bellaire

When you join us for a meal, you may have the sense that you could only be having this meal right here, right now. That is because we are constantly updating our menu to reflect the freshest items from our local harvest. In addition, our chef and managers are three siblings who were raised right here in Bellaire. We think our hometown and region are exceptional, and we cannot wait to celebrate the bounty of the season with visitors and locals alike.

Terrain's Last Call

When we opened Terrain in 2019, we knew it would be hard. We have a lot of experience between the 3 of us, and our expectations were realistic: it was going to be the hardest thing we had ever done. We have spent the last 5 years pivoting over and over, telling each other to get through this new hard thing and things would settle down.

And it's with heavy hearts we have decided October will be the last month of service for Terrain.

It's not an exaggeration to say this decision is harder than everything that has come before. The restaurant industry hasn't settled down and stubbornness and our can-do-attitude can't fix the position we find ourselves in: inflation has raised the price of doing business. We went into this summer knowing we would have to make a call on resigning our lease at the end of it, and no matter how we moved the numbers and changed the math, we couldn't get to an answer that made the gamble make sense.

We value honesty and transparency, and the reality is it's more than our scrappy little team can take on.

Despite the uphill battle, we love the community we've created! We love our beautiful space and our history here. We love our customers, farmers, purveyors, staff, all of you. We are proud of the food and service we provide. We've loved working with you and feeding you and showing off this little slice of paradise up here on the 45th parallel.

We don't know what's next for us, and we do hope you understand that we are grieving the end of Terrain, and our team is too. We are feeling this very deeply and want to enjoy our last month of service. We are excited to see you and to celebrate Terrain and all the fond memories you have. We know that during this last month we won't have emotional bandwidth left to have longer in person conversations about how this has come to be. We ask for your respect and understanding that we may not want to talk about this every day. Please don't let your sadness of our closing be the focal point of your visit, come and enjoy. We didn't want to take the easy way out and just close the doors without a proper farewell.

We are lucky to have a strong team, nearly half of which have been with us since that first week of service in 2019 and they join us in this mourning period. We want to make it as easy on all of us as we can as they work through these final weeks of service.

Thank you for the last 4.5 years, and we will still be here all month, happy to see your smiling faces. We hope you will come raise a glass and say farewell to Terrain with us.

-Shana, Randy & Jenna


“Terrain is the real deal, they’re incorporating local in everything they do and make efforts not only to purchase ingredients but to build relationships, help farms and food producers in our region thrive. It’s so encouraging to see, and if you’ve never been, put it on your list and get out here.”

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